Friday, February 12, 2010

Rescue on the High Seas

Tonight as we pulled away from Cozumel we were traveling right into a storm. At dinner the boat was rocking but not too bad and the dinner was again delicious. Once over we settled in the lounge to play rook. The boat was rocking pretty good when an announcement came over the pa system that there was distress lights from a boat and we were the nearest vessel so we were heading over to see if the Carnival Valor could give assistance. We went out on the 3rd floor deck and saw the boat in distress. It was a sailboat that had already had the mast broken off and a man was hanging on for dear life. Just as we were leaning over the railing to get a better look, a heavy wooden ladder came flying down off the 4Th deck and hit a lady in the head right next to Mike. She dropped to the deck, Mike started calling Peter and he came running. By the time Peter got there she was conscious but not moving. Then a crew member threw down a rope, put on a life jacket and starting dropping down to the boat which was by this time getting slammed into our ship and breaking up. He was able to get a life jacket and harness around the man and they were able to pull him aboard. He is now down in the hospital ward and should be fine. The lady was taken by wheel chair also down to the ward to get checked out. Mike was a little shook up as he was right there and also almost got hit.
(I won in rook)
We had very good news from home from the Herman's. Nate has been able to text Mike about his little boy Drake. Drake is now doing better and we think the prognosis is good. Read his entire story on Nate's blog.
As I'm typing this the wind is howling, the boat is rocking pretty violently and the keyboard is moving away from my hands. Time for bed!

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