Thursday, February 18, 2010

Foal Pictures

The foals above were just posing so nicely if I didn't write down who they were I bet hardly anyone would know.
Left to right is Ciera, Evan, Wanda and finally Valiant.
Once work was done I met Steven and Rhoda at the farm where they were working on teaching Jenis to bow. Jenis is coming along very nicely and once pretty much did it on her own. These Friesians are just so smart.
The camera was in the car so Steven and Rhoda were asked if they minded helping me get some pictures. We had none of Evan and only a few old ones of Wynne. I really liked this picture of Wynne, it shows her very nice neck set.We should trim up her facial hair a bit, this winter the horses all have very thick winter coats and it was NEEDED! Wynne will be bred to Raven this spring.
The picture below is of Wanda, all of the foals have a different colored halter on so we can tell them apart. Wanda was born last so she is a little smaller but still it is hard to tell them apart.
Valiant is such a show off, he is very easy to get pictures of, he was born knowing how to pose.
Evan also likes to pose, we had no problems taking a nice picture of him either.

And then there is Ciera. She is not a purebred Friesian but no one would ever know. She is going to be bred to Evan when 3 years old, I think looking at the 2 of them it will great match.

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