Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Boat

The picture above is looking down from the top floor of the lobby area, the ship is HUGE!
We arrived on the Carnival Ship Valour just around 11:30am and were able to board by noon. We were sitting by the pool enjoying a very nice lunch when Spark, Rhonda, Peter and Evelyn finally arrived. At 1:30 pm Mark and I headed down to our cabin which is on deck 1 right in front of the boat. It is small but nice and the bed is very comfortable. We all met at the Washington dining room at 6:00pm. Our dinner was excellent and the service was wonderful. On our last cruise we sat for over 2 hours sometimes at dinner. We had a very efficient waitress named Victoria. After dinner we went to mom and Beth's room to watch the super bowl. Their room is almost a suite, it easily sleeps 4 people and they have a bigger bathroom and the best is a nice balcony with room for 3 to sit outside. Once the super bowl was finished we headed down to our cabin for sleep. Beth gave me her room key so early the next morning I walked down almost the length of the boat and up 7 flights of stairs to their stateroom, slipped in side and went out on the balcony, mom didn't know I was there so Beth told her to go outside to see the ship. Of course there was no ship, just me. The morning was still very black with many stars but we were not able to see the sunrise, there were cloud banks along the east so by the time the sun actually came out the day was getting a good start. Beth, mom, Mark and I ate our breakfast in the fancy dining room, again wonderful food, then started the day.
Mom and Spark enjoying the sunshine:

Peter and Evelyn with our waitress Victoria

Mark and I at our first dinner

Mike and Diane at the first dinner

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