Monday, February 22, 2010


I had a couple of people ask to see new pictures of Aragon so this morning after getting everyone grained I snapped these. We have a very wet heavy snow of about 5-6 inches deep this morning. The roads getting to the farm were semi clean but very dangerous. There would be ruts that would force the car into the on coming traffic. It took almost a half hour to get to the farm, coming back the plows had been through so it was much easier.
I moved Aragon and Izadora to the far paddock, it makes it just so much easier to grain but now Aragon does not have his playmates which help keep him humble. He and the 2 ponies go round and round play fighting. The mares don't put up with his shanigans and Izadora is just no fun to play with, she just moves away.

Here he is looking back at me to say "are you still around?"

I just had to take this picture of Ylse, she is so photogenic and knows she is a lady.

Jenis and Ylse were hanging around the fence watching me move Izadora. I thought this was a pretty snow picture of them.

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