Monday, December 7, 2015

Zachary Gone Valerie Home

Right after the walk I took off for Pekin, IL to shop at Big R and Aldi. Big R for cat food, dog treats and a 5 way shot for Marika, Aldi for groceries. The fog was so thick none of the buildings off the main road could be seen so it was a guessing game to make the correct turn. The fog was so thick we couldn't see any of the houses across the lake. What's worse is that this fog didn't burn off at all today keeping our temperatures in the low 40s instead of the predicted 50s. The car needed gas and usually Pekin has a lot cheaper gas than Hanna City or Peoria but not today so I just waited until I got back across the river and filled up at $1.74, After putting the groceries away and feeding the cats I finished the shopping at Sam's Club. Not too much later after I arrived home the second time Mark called to report the truck was done and could be picked up. Mom drove me to Hanna City to pick that up. That was taken right to the bumper pull trailer and hooked up for the next trip to Middle Grove. Then it was time to start cooking. For Berean tomorrow I wanted to make Fede's recipe of Hungarian Shepherd Stew. This stew is made by the shepherds in Romania and is tasty but very economical. There are only three main ingredients, 2 onions, 5 pounds of potatoes and any kind of meat that is handy. Today I used stew meat and added a lot more than a typical Romanian would as it will be served to company. The onions are quartered and cooked first until they become transparent then the meat is added until all is nicely browned. The meat has been cut into inch size squares. While the meat and onions are cooking the potatoes are peeled and quartered then quartered again and placed in some salt water. They are added to the pot of meat and water poured into the pot until everything is covered. Salt and pepper to taste and then it is just wait, stir, wait, stir for hours on low heat. Once that was simmering on the stove the desserts for tomorrow were made. Today I baked a couple pie crusts, then mixed cream cheese and whipped cream together and spread that as the first layer on the crusts. Next came the chocolate layer which is 3 cups of milk and 2 boxes of instant pudding mixed well and poured on top. The pies were covered and placed in the fridge to set. Tomorrow the last layer will be added right before serving. The transport company called to report they were going to be arriving on time to pick up Zachary which was scheduled for 3:45 pm. Emily made it home from school in plenty of time to help but just then Valerie's owner called to see if it would be possible for her to leave on Wednesday morning. Emily and Karin went to Middle Grove to load Valerie while I stayed here to help load Zachary. Both foals were good.
Zachary was just led right up to the trailer and he followed me right inside. Once the paper work was finished he was on his way to Texas.
About a half hour later Emily arrived with Valerie.
She was unloaded and placed in a stall for the night. We have just 1 day to get her leading and loading without her mother. She is going to get a crash course. Emily also de-wormed her today with Safeguard. We would have preferred to do that about 2 weeks before transport but didn't know she would be leaving so soon. Mark arrived home early to start grading the drive ways. The last job with the horses today was to pull Marika out and give her the shot she will need before she travels to Bridlewood. Mark finished up just as we were finishing up perfect timing for supper.

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