Saturday, December 12, 2015

Home Free

The fog this morning was thick covering every surface with moisture and making horse that came galloping out of the mists for their breakfast looking like something out of a movie.
Karin and I did some shopping on the internet for the props needed for the spring show. After that small spending spree it was time to go out to work. Mark was asked to see if he could get the portable water heater working. He took it apart, found the problem, put it back together and we had hot water! His next job was to start hauling logs for the apartment and our place. Emily helped me with cleaning up Winston. The warm water made all the difference. He stood nicely while the mud was washed out of his tail and off his legs. He was put in the stall to dry and hopefully keep clean. The Reinhard kids came over for a trail ride and came in to meet him.
 Winston was curious about the kids and came right over to them to give kisses. Mackenson was a little unsure in the beginning.
The weather today was amazing, we had a high of 65 degrees for this 12th day of December 2015. Karin tacked up Jenis, Marika and Soul for the first trail ride.
 She found out Soul doesn't like crossing creeks. Hannah got off and was encouraging her from behind to jump over the creek while Karin encouraged her from the front. Soul jumped but didn't clear the bank and fell right in the muddy water. She came back pretty muddy from that ride.
Marika on the other had did wonderful . Karin and Faith rode her double and she was perfect. This mare is now considered ready for company! Jessica and Mackenson rode Jenis on the trails. While they were out on the trails this big bald eagle came flying over the farm. I was so wishing the zoom lens would have been on the camera. What a magnificent huge bird.

Ava came over and asked Karin to take her on a trail ride and just guess who she rode all by herself on the trails?
 That's right, Marika! The mare a few days ago we were wondering if would be suitable for Amy.
 Marika has improved drastically since her teeth were floated. We really believe it was the sharp edges that were causing her to be uncomfortable with the bit. The teeth weren't that bad but since they were floated she has been perfect.
Mike and Diane spent this beautiful day at Middle Grove riding the trails, crossing the lakes and checking on the herd. They sent these pictures. Can you believe they are riding in t-shirts the middle of December!
 They were up on the hillside and looked across the lake to see the herd all spread out grazing. What a beautiful sight!
When they got to the other side and took off at a gallop it set the herd off. They love an excuse for a good gallop. It looks like everyone had a fun productive day.
On this day 11 years ago our dad graduated from this life to his new home with a resurrected body. I remember driving to the hospital with the radio softly playing in the back ground knowing that today would be the end of him living with us here on this Earth when this song came on. I find myself singing this song quite often and each time it reminds me of dad's time in the hospital.

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