Sunday, December 27, 2015

Another Beautiful Day At Gulf Shores

We were blessed with another warm sunny day. Mark and I went on a long walk on the beach this morning after breakfast. There are quite a few fishermen out and they were catching things but not all of them were fish.
 We made it back in time for church on mom's balcony. The fun schedule's next activity was volley ball.
 From there we migrated down to the beach. Nancy was enjoying the sun shine.
 Someone got a new chair for her birthday this November. She tried to lay on her tummy and the chair collapsed. These must not be made for sitting backward. Of course instead of helping the camera was grabbed.
 Sarah had her skid board out and was flying down the beach.
 Faith, Sarah and Berlica were catching coquinas and later made soup with them.
 Next on the fun schedule is beach foot ball. The games were very entertaining to watch.
 Diane and I decided to head down to Ruth's hot tub. The foot ball players all went boogie boarding in the Gulf but no one took pictures. They all hiked over to Beth's for hot tubbing and visiting with Bethany and Bill who had arrived this afternoon. Ruth invited our condo over for dinner this evening. Below are Steven and Ryan showing us their very large decorated balcony.
 Fedi and Nolan went fishing on the pier. Fedi hooked the fish below but had Nolan reel it in.
This was the only fish of the evening they were able to bring up. The rest of their catch the shark were getting before it could be pulled out of the water.Fedi and Nolan were only able to fish for about an hour.
 Dinner was fun and delicious. It helps that we played hard all day and came with a big appetite. Our plates started out full but sure didn't stay that way. By the time everyone was done there was nothing to clean off. From Ruth's we hiked across the street to Beth and Greg's condo where they had a camp fire going. Joan's kids were roasting marsh mellows while the rest of us sang, visited or played games.
 Bethany brought Joshua out for great grandma to play with

 The fire was nice but it was a long day and time to head back. The younger adults all went weetee golfing and were not back yet. The moon is almost full. The picture below was taken off mom's balcony. The moon is lighting up the city of Gulf Shores.
 The rest of today's pictures were placed on the Facebook page. If you would like to see them click HERE.
Emily was able to get her car out of the impound lot today. She sent this picture of it. That car will be driving no more. She really is thankful to be alive.
The other news from home is Hadassah's filly is now at her new owners home. Mitchel came in and helped Emily get her prepared for her new owner. These people are repeat customers, they bought Lily's colt earlier.  They were pretty thrilled and sent this text tonight:
We are SO happy with our horses! looking forward for next years colts. Thank you! merry Christmas and happy new year. They also sent a picture but I don't know how to take pictures from text and get them on to the computer.

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