Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Flu Hits

Last night both Mark and I had violent vomiting. I had taken a bag of meat balls out of the freezer from Rhoda's wedding and decided to cook them for the Berean workers Tuesday. One was defrosted and heated up first then tried. I thought they tasted ok. They were stuck in the crock pot, sauce poured over and the crock pot turned on. Before leaving for Rhonda's for the dinner I ate another.
this one did not taste right. I barely made it home from Spark and Rhonda's before the sickness hit. When Mark arrived home from his meeting I was sitting on the bathroom floor with dry heaves. When I finally was able to climb in bed I mentioned that it must be food poisoning, the meat balls. Too late Mark had already eaten 3 of them and sure enough he started vomiting around 3:00 am. Thinking we had food poisoning I wasn't too concerned about going to work, but then Sarah and Nolan sent a text that they also were sick and they weren't with us and did not eat the meat balls. They had come on Sunday to help watch the grand kids. Whoops this must be something catchy. I dropped Emily off at the Berean office then drove straight home and went back to bed.
Thankfully Diane showed up to run the office. They had a good crew and were able to get all the studies processed. Marie took the studies to the post office. Spark called to report the person offering a matching donation for Berean had upped the amount to $30,000.00 AND would extend it to December 31st. That means each and every donation that comes in between now and then will be matched up to $30,000.00 WOW what a gift.
Around 1:00 pm a text came asking if they could pick up their filly this Saturday. Well this filly had not yet been weaned and was at Middle Grove with her mama. Emily was sent a text and agreed to go with me. the herd was not close. We hiked and hiked. Emily spotted them first and went ahead to halter Hadassah while I slowly made my way so much wanting to sit down but not on the soppy ground. She led with Hadassah and I followed making sure the filly stayed right with her.

This filly is calm and thinks. We were so pleased with how she loaded. She was afraid of the noise when Hadassah stepped into the trailer but figured out she would need to face her fears to be with her mama. Once they both were loaded Emily put a halter on her and tied her up then we took Hadassah out of the trailer, put her back in the field and drove off. Poor Hadassah, she followed the trailer for a bit looking for her baby. Weaning is the one part about this job I just don't care for. Thankfully in one day Hadassah will stop calling. The filly was unloaded and again we were very pleased she led well into a stall. I have the monitor on and am able to watch her. Each time she is checked she is standing quietly eating or resting. She has been the easiest to wean so far. Usually the foals dump the water buckets, call, run around the stall trying to get out but not this baby We got back just before 5:00 pm soon as she was situated I went straight back to bed and slept for 5 hours got up and drank some soda Mark picked up went back to bed and slept another 4 hours.

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