Friday, September 5, 2014

Whitney Settled

Lola was brought over from the cabin field and teased. She showed so was left in the middle paddock and will be covered tomorrow. Whitney, Serenity and Soul were loaded and taken to Hoerr Vet clinic for ultrasounds. We were very pleased this morning during Whitney's ultrasound to see the embryo.
She was bred to Valiant and is due July 26th, 2015. Serenity was next, her uterus was flaccid but she has normal ovaries she is just not cycling.  The lady we got her from had put her on regumate and other supplements to stop her from cycling. We decided to send her to Middle Grove for the winter and plan on breeding her in the spring. The last mare we took with us this morning was SoulSing. We knew she was showing but wanted to see  how far along.
 Turned out she had a 53mm follicle and needed to be bred today. Chery the owner of a very beautiful tall purebred PRE Andalusian stallion was called and the arrangements were made to take her to them this evening. Below is the gorgeous stallion Neo de la Luz owned by Chery Thompson. I asked permission to post these pictures taken off her facebook page.  Isn't he the perfect example of an Andalusian stallion?

As soon as Emily and I made it home from Dr. Hoerr's office we unloaded the 3 mares, loaded up Jenis and drove to a wedding rehearsal. Yes Jenis is going to be in a wedding tomorrow. She was perfect at the rehearsal, tomorrow I"ll bring the camera for pictures of the beautiful bride on our beautiful mare.
We made it home in time for Rhoda and Emily to unload Jenis and load up Serenity and Whitney and about 30 de-wormers so they could head to Middle Grove to worm all the horses there then move them over to new pastures, leaving here at 1:30 pm. Yesterday's plan of moving the herd fell by the wayside when it took longer to get the fence finished.  They had quite a time. They had all the horses de-wormed but one and all moved over when the horses discovered an open gate and all promptly walked right back out and started heading back to the other pastures.They got home at 6:30pm and by 7:00 pm we were back on the road with SoulSing heading over to Chery's place to meet Neo. Soul was teased right before I loaded her in the trailer and she was showing but by 8:00 pm when she finally got to meet Neo she was no longer showing. Well we were not about to drive all that way for nothing and obviously she had just ovulated so she was twitched and covered. Neo was such a gentleman and very very well behaved. We are praying she settled with this one kind of late cover but if not Chery has agreed to let us come back in 3 weeks.

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