Saturday, September 27, 2014

Busy Saturday

Mark started the day early first grooming all the driveways out here. Working on those until breakfast.

 We took the scraper off and put the log splitter on the tractor after breakfast. Mark drove in to Pekin to pick up Nick his helper for the day. They worked on splitting and stacking the wood for over 5 hours.
The lady coming all the way from California was suppose to arrive around 10:00 am to see Rhiannon. The trail riders started showing up just after 8:00 am giving us plenty of time to groom the 5 horses that were going to be used.

They rode the 'death trails' successfully, no one fell off although at one point Tess riding Cookie was hanging off the side after she jumped a log. She was able to pull herself back up, then when Karin asked her if she was ok, she said, "of course I'm fine,  I wasn't going to fall off, I'm a vaulter!"

 Rebekah riding Jenis and Anni riding Indy had a race to the finish. Of course Jenis won.
While they were out riding, Rebecca, the lady arrived to see Rhiannon just about the same time the farmer arrived to start raking the field. Rhiannon was sure that big machine was a monster. She actually did ok, we took her out to the arena and let her run then brought Promise out with her to see if they would show off a bit. Rebecca said she wants her and said she would send the deposit on the 30th when she arrives at her new home in Maryland. I won't mark Rhiannon sold though until we actually do get a deposit down. Too many times I've held a horse on a promise and lived to regret it. 
Phil and Anna dropped off Braelyn and Taegan just as the trail riders finished up so of course those girls got pony rides. 
 Can you tell Braelyn is pretty thrilled to be up on Cookie? 

Taegan was pretty happy with the ride too.
After everyone left I loaded up Promise and Rhiannon and drove them to Middle Grove. The horses were glad to see them come back. Below is Promise greeting her mother Sangria with baby talk.
I spent some time removing burrs but it is a losing battle. Once the horses were moved to the old Middle Grove land within minutes had burrs in their manes and tails. Below are a few pictures of the evening. 
 Above is Soul's colt Mike is calling Ripper. Below is Hadassah

 Above is Ella's colt named Titan and below is Sheen and Sangria drowsing away the evening. 
The rest of the pictures were placed on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. Mark has already crashed and I'm looking forward to bed too. This was a long busy day. 

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