Saturday, September 20, 2014

Horsemeister Provides the Horses for and episode of Lake Life on Television

Karin, Sarah Reinhard and I started bathing horses at 8:00 am scrubbing and cleaning Lola and Ella's white legs and white spots. After an hour using shampoo and baking soda we quit, loaded up the horses going which were Jenis, Indy, Lola, Ella and the 2 colts into the big trailer. We arrived at the Goose Ranch around 9:40 and headed straight to the Tee Pee Village. When we opened the back of the trailer we were disappointed to see someone had manured and Lola now had some new green spots on her very white legs.
 The horses were taken right to the newly built corral and it didn't take long for them to attract the Herman grand children. These horses make the best baby sitters. The girls were happy just to be sitting on them while the adults frantically worked cleaning up any construction mess and getting the village ready for the grand revealing.
 Below are Sarah and Hannah Reinhard getting into their Indian costumes. They were the riders for the Indian ponies, Lola and Ella.
 The couple below were the couple to be surprised with the grand Revealing. They rode the Friesians while their 2 children were to ride double with Sarah and Hannah on Lola and Ella.
Jenis and Indy were led down to the village by Nate and Justin. They were put in the corral after the couple dismounted and promptly walked right through the lead rope taking down part of the fence. Those 2 mares were brought back up to where the rest of the group were waiting giving the parents of the couple a perfect ride down to the village when we were finally called. 

The rest of the filming went well. Everyone was very impressed with the tee pees, the fire pits, the archery range. I'm not posting any pictures of the inside of the tee pees. If you want to see how amazing these were you will have to watch the show. It is suppose to be aired in the spring.
As soon as we got back from Canton Mark and I needed to move a round bale in for Killian and Hadassah and unhook the truck from the trailer. We were almost finished with that when Will and Jenni Moser arrived to pick up Isabella and her colt. They brought along Isabella's full brother and I regret not getting a picture of that boy, he is HUGE! He looks so much like his daddy, Raven. After they left Mark got the mower off the Kubota and the scraper attached and did a quick run through on the driveways. We had a little rain here so it was perfect timing.

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