Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Road Trip

Rhoda and I left before 7:00 am for a small town near the Missouri state line to pick up our new PRE Andalusian mare and her half Andalusian colt. The seller told us there is no phone service in the area and GPS won't work, and there is no way we would find her address, so a half hour before we got to the area we were to call her and she would come meet us and direct us to her home. Other than tiny roads, hilly roads and road construction all went like clock work. We arrived at the cemetery she asked us to meet her only 15 minutes later than estimated and only had to wait a few minutes before she arrived to lead us to her very very old farm. The farm has been in her family for over 200 years, her house was around 150 years old and the barn even older. We spent an hour there learning all about the three generations of Andalusians she raised. Meet SoulSing:
SoulSing is 9 years old and has only been a brood mare but Rhoda is determined to get her under saddle. This mare has wonderful movement. She is baroque and has a thick long mop of a mane and tail. But... that's not all, SoulSing came with an absolutely amazing fancy 3 and a half month old half Andalusian stud colt. I thought Soul's movement was great but when we saw the colt move, our jaws dropped. Check out this colt's reach with his back legs. He pushes off and reaches WAY under.
He will be registered has half Andalusian but we still need to get the sire information on him. The sire is a big appendix stallion that excels in dressage. I think we figured that out right away after seeing his offspring. Since we do not need a colt this boy will be for sale as soon as we get him registered and weaned.
They had a long trip home and were turned out to stretch their legs a bit before putting them in the middle paddock. Soul went right over to Killian and started to show. Rhoda and Emily really want us to breed her to an Andalusian stallion so that's what we are looking into. 
I barely had enough time to clean up before it was time to leave for church. Mark drove mom, Sarah, Hannah and me and we were blessed to listen to Dave Obgerfel speak on the Holy Spirit. It was convicting. 

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