Monday, September 29, 2014

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Rachel, Joan and Emily joined me for the walk today. I really need my mom!  Those ladies book it and by the second round I was so ready to quit and head down to work on the prisoner's studies. Once the studies were opened and entered I left to head home and start moving bales. Emily got her cast off today and now has a brace she must wear for 3 more weeks until the surgeon removes the pins.
So so thankful for this last week of no rain and enough heat and sunshine to dry the hay perfectly. We got 33 bales off the fields this cutting. These bales are high quality, fine stemmed grass/ alfalfa mix and our horses love it. Below Emily is driving the new truck hooked up to the new flat bed trailer loaded down with 8 bales heading back to the barn.

With each load I followed with the skid steer also bringing back a bale. We worked all afternoon but what a great feeling now that it is done. We have 128 big bales in the barn and 66 bales at Middle Grove. That should get us through the winter. Emily gave Eliza a bath today and braided up her mane and forelock. Eliza will be heading to Middle Grove on Wednesday and we want to try to keep the burrs out of her hair. Her filly Tryn, needs to be weaned as she is getting picked up on Saturday. Tryn got her mane, tail and leg feather brushed today as she was sporting burrs on each one of her legs. She tolerated the beauty treatment well. They were turned out with Jenis and Indy. The picture below is Valiant. It just looked so funny seeing him upside down. This should be titled, "I've fallen and can't get up".

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