Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10 Taken Out

Beth came for our walk today, we had much to catch up on and we really weren't in a big hurry.  The walkers all stopped in to see Madiera's new colt and all were impressed with how tall and beautiful he is.
Hard to believe he is just a few hours old in the pictures above and below.

 Dr. Hoerr was scheduled this morning. While waiting for him to arrive a bale was moved in Evan's paddock and the short shelter paddock. 5 mares were teased. Rosaleigh is still not interested, Lisa is still in and was covered by Evan, Irish the Gypsy is also in and covered by Valiant. Tori is now showing big. She will be covered by Valiant tomorrow, and Roxanne started to show. She will need to be covered by Evan so hopefully Lisa will be going out soon. Dr. Hoerr arrived and drew blood first from Marika for her new coggins test. Hers runs out May 25th. Madiera's colt got a foal shot. Zalena's filly got a thorough going over.  She has lost some of her coat on her back legs and rump, and I wanted to find out why.  When she was born at Middle Grove she ended up laying in a puddle for at least 20 minutes. As her skin was so very new that wasn't at all good for her and the diagnoses is rain rot.  I can't treat it with anything too strong, she is just too young. Thankfully the hair will grow back. Next were the ultrasounds. Galena, Lola and Soul with their foals were brought into the indoor. The 3 mares tied while the foals were free.
Dr. Hoerr started with Galena and I was disappointed to find not only is she open, she had just ovulated. Dr. Hoerr declared Lola pregnant. Lola was bred to Valiant on May 3rd making her due April 13th, 2020.
Lola's filly was very interested in what Dr. Hoerr was doing to her mom. 
 He had to stop and give her some attention.
Soul's colt was fascinated with the lubricant Dr. Hoerr left on the arena floor.
When it was Soul's turn she was also declared pregnant. She too was bred on May 3rd, but to Evan and is also due April 13th, 2020
As soon as Dr. Hoerr left, the trailer was backed half way into the arena and those 3 mares and foals were loaded for a trip to Middle Grove.  We will need to bring Galena back in a couple weeks but I didn't want to leave her and her foal here when the others will be gone. They were thrilled to be out there and all 6 dropped their heads grazing on that lush green grass as fast as possible. I went back for the second load picking up Karin as by this time she was off work. She helped load Isla, Giselle, Ivan and Irish.  When we got back to Middle Grove the first 6 were still in sight grazing. They had not even tried to find the rest of the herd.  Karin was dropped off a the library where she was meeting Jacki to go out to supper. The next job on my list was to get the van to Gary Byerline. Mark drove the truck while I drove the van and we dropped that off this evening. Gary is going to have that done tomorrow. The headlight keeps burning out, Mark has replaced it numerous times but this time Gary is going to try to sodder it in believing that will stop it from bouncing around which is why we think is why it burns out so quickly.  We left from there to go to Lowes to pick up the new fridge. Even though it had been paid for yesterday and I called to tell them we were coming and would be there in a hour to pick it up it took a long time for Lowes to find it and the ice maker then to get it out of the store and into the truck. We barely had enough time to make it to church arriving just a few minutes before 7:00 pm. Mike Rieker had the message.  As big storms are moving in tonight Mark and I left right after church. Phil was already here moving the old fridge out and helped us move the new one in. It was plugged in and is cooling now. We will install the ice maker later.  Sheena was checked and is not bagged up but storms are coming so she was moved into a stall.  The lightning in the West is lighting up the sky and we hear continuously the sound of rumbling thunder.

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