Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Peeling, Mashing, Cooking, Baking

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving right after the walk I planned on starting the pies but Karin had the day off and came early. Since she was here she was put to work helping with getting Rosalie covered by Evan. She stood well so is in for sure, just not sure where she is in her cycle. I'll try her again tomorrow. My next job was to move 2 bales in, one for Evan and one for the middle paddock. Those 3 mares eat a lot. Karin decided to work with Rosalie first.

 She did very well today. The next mare worked was Ayanna.

 Check out the belly on her. She is due towards the end of April.
 Eden and Faith came over and of course Karin put them right to work. 
 Karin put Faith on Indy while she got on Galena and worked with her first with the tarp.

 Next Karin had Faith do some vaulting moves on Galena. 

 The final test was to have Faith and Eden go double with some vaulting tricks. 

Galena didn't buck and kept a pretty steady pace.  Then Karin got on her and had Eden behind while Faith was riding Indy. They were going to go on a small trail ride but Galena wasn't happy and the girls needed to head back so that was canceled.
THEN I started the stuffing, peeling the potatoes, as they were cooking mixing up the pies, then mashing the potatoes and by the time I finished it was time for supper. All is done now except the gravy which will be done tomorrow morning.  We are ready for the big meal. Nancy's house was called to arrange to pick her up after church on our way to Bloomington.

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