Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Emily got a text from the daughter of the lady that now owns Killian. I believe this daughter is all of 9 years old. Killian was taken to Friesians of Majesty for driving training and the daughter told Emily, everyone there was amazed at how quiet Killian was.   He is still a stallion and yet this 9 year old girl could ride him bareback and ask him to bow and lay down and he did in front of a crowd of admirers!
 It is nice to hear they are enjoying him. The people there could not believe how well behaved this 4 year old stallion is. What we think is funny is we expect our horses to be well behaved and would be shocked if they weren't. We really do have the best trainers in the world! That really isn't bragging if it is true right? And its not because they arrived here bomb proof and dead broke.
Emily was telling us this on the way to Berean. She is now on Thanksgiving break and came to help. It was great to have her back. If you would like to read about our very successful day there click HERE.
As soon as we got back from that office Emily and Justin took the truck and trailer out to Middle Grove to pick up Marika and Jenis. Marika has an appointment with the farrier on Friday
and I wanted Jenis here for when our company comes over this long holiday weekend. Above is Marika and below is Jessica riding Jenis.
They had to park out on the road and hike in. Karin had already arrived and was out training horses in the big field. They were able to lead these two down to the road pretty quickly and got back with daylight to spare. They were put in the middle paddock and buckets hung for their grain.

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