Monday, November 2, 2015

Middle Grove Visit

What a gorgeous 2nd of November day. We had bright sunshine and a high of 74 degrees. Better yet we are expecting 3 more days just as nice before our fall hits with a vengeance. I needed to take a trip to Middle Grove to get a few pictures for owners. The owner of Hadassah's filly wanted updated pictures and I may was well get pictures for the owner of Whitney's filly. On the way to Middle Grove I stopped at Walters Ag Service to order a semi load of lime for the paddocks. Unfortunately pretty much everyone is out of lime right now and I'm on the waiting list.
The 2 days of sunshine Sunday and Monday easily dried up the roads at Middle Grove so I was able to drive back to the herd. They were all spread out drowsing or grazing in the sunshine.
Whitney's filly and Jewel's colt were the first to notice they had a visitor. It's actually kind of funny to see their reaction, Jewel's colt was the first to arrive and promptly stuck his face right into the camera.

He ended up following me around while I checked the horses. Rosalie was the other that followed me from place to place. The first business of the day was to snap the pictures of the 2 fillies for their owners. Pictured below is first Whitney's filly then Hadassah's filly.
Next on the list was to check the pregnant mares, Below is Star. She is due March 23rd but looks huge.
 Lily is due April 14th and also pretty big.
 The surprise was Anna, pictured below, Anna is due first Feb 8th and obviously pregnant but not as big as the other 2. 
 The next job was to check out Marika's colt. He was born with contracted tendons, they didn't straighten out as quickly as we hoped with Tetracycline but is definitely improving. He was taking a nap when I walked back but was willing to get up.
This is another very friendly colt. Below he was playing with Jewel's colt. These 2 were born just 1 day apart. Now I know why this colt's mane is short, Jewel's colt was pulling it out playing.
He is doing well but won't be marketed until next year just to make sure he is completely healed. Some of the mares decided to head down to the water to drink. Below is Lola getting ready to head down the hill to the lake.
The water was sparkling in the sunshine like diamonds when Ayanna went down to the water.
The next picture was more of a landscape, just Ella grazing with the deep blue lake in the background. 
Middle Grove is such a beautiful place, open grazing lands, rolling hills, babbling brooks, cool deep blue lakes, an abundance of shady trees and grass, lots and lots of grass. Karin went out to train after work and reported today Rosalie was asked to lay down from the bow and did without a bit of fuss. This was her first time to lay down when asked. Jenis is also holding the bow now as long as Karin asks her to, so Karin will probably start her on the lay down soon. It was a most successful training session. 
Mark had a Home Board meeting tonight so I just had left overs for supper.

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