Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunset Session

I only did one round of the walk but before the walk got plenty of exercise. Jewel, Marika and their colts were loose, probably most of the night. I heard plenty of neighing but didn't bother to get up, we are far enough from the road and the horses pretty much always stay up by the barn. I found them standing by the barn just waiting for me to let them back in. The fences were checked and none of them were down. I think they may have gone through the woods to the pond pasture as both the back gate was open to that and the front gate. Jewel is just so smart.
They were put in a paddock with the new shelter. Oksana was put in the paddock next to them then the trailer backed between the barns for easy loading later in the day.
We only had one full mailbox full of mail today at Bereans.  We had lots of hard working volunteers and were able to finish processing the studies by 1:00 pm. To read about our day click HERE
The vet appointment for Oksana, Zachary and Xerxes was scheduled for 3:30 pm in Morton but since I made it home early the vet clinic was called to see if they could fit me in sooner and they did. The horses were loaded and I was on the road by 1:45 pm.
I had Oksana sonagrammed first. She was confirmed in foal due June 14th but when we brought her home she was showing to Evan. Sure enough she lost that foal and is cycling now. She is at a 40 mm so I will get her covered tomorrow.
I didn't even bother unloading Jewel, Marika and the colts. Dr. Hoerr just stepped into the trailer and was easily able to draw blood from them. The colts were excellent. From there I drove the 50 miles to Middle Grove to take the mares and foals back out there. They will stay until we are ready to wean the colts in 2 weeks. Oksana was taken back to the Hanna City farm.
Rhoda came this afternoon to work Evan. The sun was low in the sky making Rhoda and Evan glow orange.

Rhoda asked for an extended trot just as the sun dropped.
Evan was just about perfect. She finished the training session with some trick training. By then the sun had just about set and the light was fading quickly.
 Above she is asking for the bow and below she has asked him to lay down.
 The final trick asked is the sit. 

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