Saturday, August 29, 2015

Middle Grove

When doing the paper work for the last 5 foals registrations there was one, Jewel's colt, that for some reason we had not pulled the hair. Or we had pulled his hair but lost it. I planned on going out to Middle Grove today to pull hair not quite sure how without help that was going to be accomplished. You see the foals don't like their hair pulled. Mark took the car to pick up Nick giving me time to do a few loads of laundry before he got back to give me the car. I left at 9:00 am for the trip out. Below are a few pictures. John and his boys were harvesting wood for the winter. A big dead tree had fallen and made a big mess. They were busy cleaning it up with the added bonus of fire wood for their work.

 The herd was no where in sight so I started hiking to find them. About 20 minutes later Jenis, Anna and Eliza came out of the woods to greet me.
 The rest of the herd was lounging under the trees and it was obviously nap time for the foals. There were actually 7 sleeping foals but only 4 in the picture below. The other three got up to see who was coming. Far left is Hadassah's filly now named Zelda. In front is Whistler, Sheena's colt, behind Whitney is Valerie and even farther back is Jewel's colt. Off to the right not seen is Ribbon's filly and Prissy's colt then down the hill a bit were Marika's colt, Sangria's colt and Ella's colt. 
Zalena's filly is the oldest foal out there, she was up grazing but soon snuggled down for a nap.

 The biggest surprise is Sangria's colt. He turned from a bright red bay to a very dark bay, almost black. His mane is so thick and long it already lays over his neck, pretty much unheard of in a 3 month old foal. His tail is thick long and curly. He is for sale but this boy is going to be a superstar in the show world. We may just have to keep him. He is registered, DNA'D and microchipped with IALHA, papers are in hand and is also registered with Friesian Heritage Horse so he can be shown in all of the Andalusian shows AND Friesian shows.
Ayanna came up but typical Ayanna she was covered in dry mud. She grew up at Middle Grove and knows exactly how to keep the flies from biting. I had trouble figuring out who Oksana was until her teeth and teats were examined. Rosalie is as big or bigger than most of the Friesians and is only 2 and a half years old but not yet thick in the body which will come with age. (I know that thick and age part well). Ella's colt had some obvious diarrhea on his bottom but was acting and looking well. I'm sure it is just that Ella is in her foal heat.
 We are not breeding Ella back, we want to use her for riding next year. Jewel's colt was in such a deep sleep I walked right up to him and pulled out 30-40 tail hair for the registration. He was shocked awake rudely. He jumped up turned, ran and turned around looking at me as if to say, "why did you do that?"
Below are more sleeping foals.
 Above is Whistler, Sheena's colt by Valiant and below is Valerie, Whitney's filly by Valiant, behind her is Jewel's colt by Evan now named Zachary (Zack for short).
 Below is Prissy's colt I think we named Winston. We haven't got the registration papers back on him yet. 
Below is Marika's colt. 
Actually he is pretty ugly right now. One of the other foals chewed off his mane and forelock. Hopefully that will have grown back before he is brought in for weaning. I stopped at County Market to buy lunch for Mark and Nick picking up fried chicken. They had a special 10 pieces for 10 dollars. After lunch Emma was teased. She is still in and covered by Evan. Since I didn't have any help for that her tail was wrapped. She has such a huge thick long tail usually someone holds it out of the way while I handle Evan but with it wrapped I could do both. Mom stopped by with Molly this afternoon. Molly had just gotten a hair cut and it had to be shown off. She is so cute. We got a lot of clean-up accomplished this morning and afternoon around here. Mark has already hit the sack.

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