Thursday, August 20, 2015

Long Lost

We had a productive day at Berean. Thankfully it was a light mail day giving us a chance to catch up on the Tuesday work we weren't able to finish. Below Diane is working on certificates for the prisoners that have finished all 50 lessons.
 Diane R was our only reader today but since there wasn't too many letters had time to fold studies for stuffing. 
 Below Edie and Roma are working on separating Tuesday's studies while Shirley and Eva Jean go over some of today's problem mail.
 With all the kids now back in school it fell to the youngest worker today to get the Bibles labeled and hauled out to Diane's van all by herself. Rachel will not need to go to the gym today, in fact she probably will have such a sore back and arm muscles from lifting those heavy boxes she may want to quit the gym and just practice working out here. 
We were finished by noon. Diane furnished a very tasty bountiful lunch. She made way too much for our small group today. We feasted! 
I had a very nice surprise when I arrived home. My long lost daughter, the one that lives SO very far away...all the way in Bloomington, IL arrived to help train horses. She was more than willing to work Serenity. Now Serenity hasn't been ridden for probably around 3 months. Karin had round penned her but we weren't sure what to expect. When she was first brought out this is how she behaved:

Once she flattened out a bit Rhoda climbed on and these 2 looked fantastic together. 

Rhoda was having a ball, check out her smile in the picture below.

Below is a 2 minute video of her ride.

The horses weren't the only animals getting attention. She also gave both dogs a bath and clipped their toenails. Once she was done here she ran over to mom's to give Miss Molly her booster shot and trim her toenails. Can you tell we miss this girl? She is very happily married and enjoying her vet tech job in Bloomington so we can't blame her for not coming very often and will just count our blessings when she does show up!

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