Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I'm beginning to think we live in Mayberry instead of Hanna City. I walked into the post office wearing a vaulting shirt which just has a picture of a vaulter standing on a Percheron. It does not say Horsemeister on it anywhere. The post office person looks at me and states, "your mom didn't have very much mail today, I was kind of surprised." And then proceeds to tell me how she bred her mare to the Skinner's Arabian stallion and how she spent hours there on the farm. How does someone know, someone I've never met before, exactly where I live? Yesterday I got a call from a lady. She is sitting at the end of the drive and says, "do you live here at Meisterville?" When I responded, "yes" she says, "come on down to the drive, I want to talk to you about the missing dog." Turned out she thought we had found the missing dog posted all over Facebook.
Diane told us tonight that Mike had his jeep in for repairs at the local mechanic's shop. The owner is named Butch. When she got the bill from Butch it was an even thousand dollars with the labor part marked, "replaced a lot of stuff."
Today Karin is mom's favorite. Not that she will be the favorite tomorrow but today we are all hearing how mom's vacuum wasn't working well, she called the company that makes the vacuum to order a new roller and the sales lady proceeds to tell her, "we don't make that part any more." Karin tells mom, she will take care of it, gets on Ebay orders the part brings it to the house today, replaces the roller on the vacuum then vacuums the floor. Yep Karin wins today.
After sweeping mom's floor she came over here to work Serenity. We were pleased with Serenity today. She remembered her past training well. Today Karin introduced her to the tarp.

Serenity is by Raven out of a AWS Warmblood mare with all European bloodlines. Her dam's pedigree is impressive. The grandsire is Rheinlander, her great grandsire is Trakehner and her other grand sire is Swedish Warmblood. Serenity is trained to ride but not trustworthy for anyone other than an experienced person like Rhoda, Emily or Karin. They can feel when she is going to misbehave and stop it before it happens. Karin decided we needed to start her over in sensitizing and then de-sensitizing and it seems to be working.

The mare has very nice movement and will be a great cross for Evan. We have the vet coming out next Wednesday and will ultrasound her to see if she is cycling and when to get her covered. 
Diane drove to church tonight, we had a full van load with Sarah Reinhard, Emily Ricketts, mom, Diane, Mark and I. Greg Rumbold had the service. 

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