Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wonderful Willing Volunteers

The parts came in for Evan's waterer which was leaking but is leaking no more. Mike came over early this morning to fix it. We need to keep a box of replacement parts for these waterers.
The mail box this morning was stuffed so full it was heavy bringing it into our office. Eva Jean arrived bearing a gift, a moist delicious cake for our dessert today.
 Spark came in to ask a few questions and was put to work carrying in water which Shirley brought.
 We are very grateful for water to quench our dry thirsty throats that dry out from visiting during our busy day. One good thing about too small of a room is that it makes it easy to visit with each other from one side of the room to the other.
 Joan had her children and grand children working in the conference room getting the letters and 1 through 4 of the studies along with a business return envelope ready to go into each of the Bibles we send out.
 Below Berlica is busy stamping the return address on 500 envelopes, a perfect job for her.
 They had a wonderful system in place and were able to get almost 500 ready for the Bibles.
 Below Mackenson is placing them with the envelope before stuffing it in a box.
 Hannah is in charge of this room and does well keeping the work flowing. Sarah walked in then asked the question, "isn't there any child labor laws around here?"
 Kathy and Dave arrived with their grandson Dakota to help.
 Below Joan is lining Dakota out, Sarah and Chuck are opening the studies, mom is reading letters, David is organizing his work and out of the camera view Kathy, Shirley and Eva Jean are opening mail.
 When Joyce and Jan arrived they took over Sarah's job and she was given the job of stuffing Bibles. David S called, he was released from jury duty so joined us and was put to work on labeling the Bibles mom and Sarah were stuffing and wrapping.
 Below Dakota is hard at work filling boxes.
 Sarah is placing the stuffed Bible in a sleeve.
 Kristin arrived around 10:00 am to help read letters.
 Below is a short video of everyone hard at work in these 2 rooms. What isn't recorded are David S and Dakota who were taking the wrapped Bibles from mom and Sarah and getting the labels on each one. They were working in the hallway as we ran out of room in the office and conference room.
Around noon Sarah drove up to Kroger to pick lunch up for everyone. She set the food out on the table Dave O had the prayer and everyone dove in for some sustenance. 
By 1:00 pm we had all the studies processed, all the letters read, the new studies stuffed, labeled and stamped ready for mailing. When the last envelope was stuffed we all broke out in applause! Everyone was released for the day. Tomorrow I'll try to get in town to enter the Bible letters.
Joan took a van load garage sale-ing in Morton. Mom went with Joan so when I got home the first stop was to let my dogs out and the next was to let Molly out. The farmer was here mowing the hay.
There is hay down everywhere, hope we have 3 good sunny warm dry days to get it baled.  Emily drove in and helped get Sheena covered by Valiant before she needed to leave.
Mark is installing our new storm door. Ebby is over visiting our dogs, Mike and Diane must not be home from work yet, either that or they are at Middle Grove.

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