Monday, June 22, 2015


Karin was able to call from Iceland with no problem at all and no extra charges. She has this phone that works off wifi. More amazing technology. She called here around 10:00am but it was 3:00pm there. Below are a few pictures they have sent for us so far.
 It is sunrise over Iceland in the picture above as they are flying in. Karin remarked it never turned dark. Below is their view of the mountains from the hot tub off their porch.

 Above is their cabin for the week and below is an Iclandic pony they stopped to pet. Karin reported their are ponies everywhere.
I had a very quiet day here, no company, no one wanting pony rides, no was downright boring. I still managed to keep busy. The mare pasture got a new round bale which wasn't too easy doing that myself but I figured out a way to keep the mares and foals in while the bale was being moved without tying each one. Marika and her colt were taken out of the stall for a few pictures for the website. He is 3 days old.

He was bouncing around having fun. I can't leave them out, it is just too wet from all the rain and his umbilical cord is not dry yet. Emma is starting to show and will need to be covered tomorrow. I don't have a lot of confidence that she is really cycling. The arena was weeded, it is looking great and now no one is riding. Mike and Diane are now on their way home from Middle Grove bringing home Jewel and her colt. Diane said Jewel loaded right up and the colt just jumped in right behind her. Of course the entire herd had to see if they could get in too.  We make sure to leave the doors of the trailer shut when we go out there. One time we had quite a hike to find the horses then we are leading the ones we wanted to bring home and the herd went ahead of us and started crowding in the trailer. Emily's reaction was priceless. She shouted, "oh no we forgot to shut the trailer door!"  She was in charge of shooing them out and trying to keep them out while we loaded. These are such funny horses. They got them home around 8:30 pm and brought right into the barn.
Tomorrow he will be cleaned up and new pictures taken, that is if we get off work early enough to do it. He is very elegant with his long legs and beautifully set on long neck. This boy is going to be a superstar.
Katie sent an email updating us about Beth's many doctor visits. I'm not sure how much she would want me to share but needless to say she could really use prayer.
We are expecting strong storms tonight with a possibility of hail, gusting winds and heavy rain. Mark has a late board meeting tonight at Skylines and still isn't home. The sunset was unusual with the thick heavy storm clouds behind the fluffy pink. The colors were changing with each minute that went by.

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