Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rosalie's Training

Our car was due for an oil change so Diane followed me to French's where I dropped off the car then rode in to work with her.
Amazing but 17 people showed up today to help with the Bible program. Even though we were crammed into the room we are so glad for the help everyone that came was more than welcome. Just about every available work space was put in use. Below are a few pictures of the morning with our wonderful volunteers. In the picture below Cheryl and the kids are putting the labels on the 20 boxes of Bibles Joan's group wrapped on Tuesday.
 Tiffany brought Lisa's horde of kids along with one of her own to help get the Bibles out. Rachel's friend Cheryl came for the first time and if we are blessed will come again. Our usual helpers from Thursday also came..Eva Jean, Roma, Diane R, Edie, Diane H,  Chuck and even Sarah came down to help.

 Above they are getting the paper work ready to stuff in the Bibles and below they are busy stuffing, wrapping and labeling more Bibles. We didn't keep track today of exactly how many went out but by the time they had them all loaded in Mark's van it was stuffed pretty full. When Mark and Spark took them to the post office they were pretty sure they unloaded 43 or 44 boxes so we know it was over 500 Bibles that went out this week.
With so many hard workers we had everything done by noon just in time for lunch.

 The best news for us was that Tim Martin called, the Roanoke and Goodfield young groups are back wrapping and he has 600 Bibles all wrapped and ready to bring down for Tuesday. So so thankful to have that help. I must say these last 3 weeks without their help was difficult. Rachel gave me a ride back to the farm. Emily had taken Hadassah back to Middle Grove and picked up Piper, Cookie, Missy and Sally. Karin has a trail ride scheduled tomorrow evening for Peoria Christian school and needed the walkers. Piper is back as the transport company is suppose to pick her up next week. When she got back from Middle Grove she started spreading the sand for the new round pen. We have ordered 2 more loads of sand, hopefully they come soon so this job can be finished.
Joan is holding Indian camp for her children and grandchildren.
Above left to right is Mackenson, Ava, Faith, Aubry and Berlica. There teepee didn't get blown down in the storm last night but needed some repair. Let's hope it holds during tonight's predicted strong storms.
It was another really hot day with the high in the 90s again. Darcy and Emma decided to cool off in Mark's pond.

 Above is 10 year old Darcy and below is 5 year old Emma.
 Darcy had to cruise the shoreline checking for frogs on the way back to the house. 
 Emily's siblings came over to swim for the afternoon. We decided to leave all the horse training until this evening in hopes it would cool down enough. By the time we started the rain was starting to move in but held off just long enough to work Rosalie. Tonight for the first time she was saddled. She didn't even flinch when the pad and saddle were put on. She didn't react when Emily put weight on the left side but did when Emily put weight on the right side.

 That meant Emily had to climb up and down about 20 times on the right until it was no big deal. Me thinks Emily is going to have some sore muscles tomorrow. Rosalie's training is going exceptionally well.
 When Emily finished Rosalie was given a good hose down. She decided this felt good and even drank from the hose. It won't be long before she is ready for a rider.
Mark spent the evening mowing in the rain. We are expecting more strong storms tonight and brought Marika inside again. Right now we are getting a nice soft gentle rain.

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