Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rare Day of Sunshine

We awoke to a beautiful sunny clear cool low humidity day, the first in quite a while. Grocery shopping was necessary today, 3 stores were visited before everything on the list was purchased. Mark decided we should spend $600.00 or less on food each month and after today we have $69.56 left to spend and only 3 days to do so. The bad news is even if we don't spend the $600.00 I don't get to keep the left overs so I may as well schedule another dreaded shopping trip Monday. Ruth was here with visitors that came all the way from Roanoke to see the foals. The mares were called and they came running. Marika and her colt were the only ones I brought out. The colt thoroughly enjoyed the attention. After the company left Marika and Jewel along with their colts were introduced to the mare pasture. Jewel is now showing on her foal heat and bothering Killian and had to be moved so he doesn't break any more posts.  Oksana and Rosalie were moved out of Valiant's pasture today and moved over to the pond pasture now that Marika and Jewel are out. They both needed a bath before moving them.
 They were not sure about being there without the other mares close by. 
Valiant was let back out and was he ever glad to get out of the muddy paddock and into the grassy field. He went galloping around and around showing off for the mares in the next pasture over.
Marie brought Justin and Timothy over to swim today. In the picture below big brother Justin acts like he is going to help his younger brother Timmy but that's not quite how it played out.
 They are brothers you know and brother just have to be ornery.
 Justin won the boat and took off flying across the pond.
 Timmy was happy with the duck.
Anna dropped of Kensley for an hour this afternoon. They are cleaning up the standing water in their new addition at the yellow house. Kensley was perfect here. She had just mauled a cracker all over her face, hands and chest. That made her thirsty so was given some water in a sippy cup which she thought was the best thing ever. 
This evening Emma was over teasing Valiant so brought out and covered by Evan. It is 5 days since she started showing but I'm not convinced she is actually cycling. After the cover she was taken into a stall for beet pulp and grain. She is losing weight nursing that big boy. Sheena is also losing weight both will need to be moved to the cabin field, put on an alfalfa bale and grained each day. 
And now for a few more pictures from the group in Iceland. Today they visited a city named Reykjavik.

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