Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sceggel Christmas

The Sceggel family celebrated our family Christmas last night. We knew the kids were excited when we walked in Phil and Anna's house. Below is Jack hardly able to stop smiling after all everyone kept bringing in presents.
Addyson and Braelyn were playing on Braelyn's magnetic wall in her playroom.
Phil and Anna put on a tasty deep fried turkey dinner with everyone bringing something delicious to the bountiful laden table. After dinner it was time for the gifts to be opened. Our children had Mark open the very needed present below:
A Wilson cell phone booster, once installed we won't have to stand outside in the cold to answer or make a phone call. Addyson's favorite gift was this watch.
Not sure what Braelyn was opening below.
Jack got a truck that turned into a dinosaur.
But the very favorite item to play with the entire evening was the laundry basket I used to bring the presents in. Addyson is in the basket and Jack is trying to climb on top.
When he lets her out his reaction was pretty funny.
Daddy Ben got involved and started giving elevator rides in the basket.
Sarah took over to give Braelyn a turn.
What happened next was pretty funny. Addyson decided it was her turn, Braelyn insisted it was her turn and sat right on top of Addyson.
Once Braelyn was off, Jack decided to climb in, check out Addyson's face in the picture above and below.
Sarah and Rhoda kept the peace by piling all the oldest three grandkids into the basking and giving rides around the house.
Anna had Philip bring out the game he made down at the shop. This is a game very popular in Minnesota and after playing the game we are sure it is going to be just as popular in Illinois.
And now for my favorite part of the entire evening. Below is Taegan talking to grandma.
She was cooing and smiling so cute. Today Rhoda and Karin are heading out to Middle Grove for a trail ride in the snow. Hope it warms up quickly, it was 10 degrees this morning.

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