Monday, December 17, 2012

Barking Dogs

I went to bed early, not sure how early but as soon as I hit the bed it was lights out for the brain. During the night, or maybe it was only the evening, the dogs started barking. I woke up sure I was back in Haiti. There are dogs everywhere in Haiti, skinny, hungry, mangy looking dogs and they are not quiet. Most don't seem to belong to anyone they just exists. They all seem to look so much alike Mike asked Tim is this a recognized breed of dogs. Dogs aren't the only noisy animal. Each morning the roosters are crowing, the goats are baaing, the frogs are peeping, the donkeys are braying, and the cows are bawling. I didn't realize how quiet it is here at the Meister compound. Yesterday Onyx broke a board and crawled out then wanted back in with the girls. With no tools handy another board was brought over and secured with bailing twine as a temporary fix. Today will be busy, I'm heading in to the shop to try to catch up on last weeks work before Eva Jean comes tomorrow. We had another offer come in on Jenis' filly while in Haiti, one we may not be able to turn down.
The lady is coming tomorrow after work to discuss it. She is willing to let us breed her and keep the first foal. That way she gets a fabulous Raven daughter and we get to keep Raven's line through her foal and she is local so we would get to see her grow up.

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