Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold and More Cold

Ever since we got home from Haiti I cannot warm up and yet when we were there I couldn't cool down. None of us were going to complain about being cold after sweltering all of last week (and this is the cold season right now Joan says summer really gets hot!) but we must have forgotten it is winter here. The wood burner has been going full blast but I can't get the house more than 73 degrees and it hasn't really been much below freezing since we arrived home. I will stop complaining and start counting my blessings. Of which the first is the wood burning stove and a husband that keeps us supplied in wood. Today after work the shopping must be done for the Meister company Christmas party. At least the car heater works great. Olympia needs be cleaned up and there must have been a lot of rain here while we were gone, the paddocks are muddy and the foals feather full of the mud. Philip worked on the website last night, hopefully soon I'll be able to update it. I think the problem came from the program used to make videos at least that is what the malware scan picked up. I'd better start saving money I think the software to render high definition videos is very expensive. Today I asked Mark if he put all the chairs on the couch because I needed to vacuum. His answer was surprising, "No, I came home from work and both Emma and Darcy were laying on the couch while you were gone."
They know they are not allowed on the furniture, I just think it is funny the lady of the house leaves and they start breaking the rules.

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