Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bathing 8

Up at 4:30 am and as soon as it was light headed up to the apartment to load the popcorn machine and start hooking up trucks and trailers. Karin arrived right about then. We got both trailers hooked up and moved forward for Mark to start checking the tires. One was totally flat and couldn't be filled. By this time it was after 7:30 am so Karin and Shaeya took the other trailer load of Rosalie, Ayanna, Oksana and Anna and left for the fair. Mark changed the tire about the time the walkers arrived. Joan and Diane stayed to help load horses into the Exiss trailer except one of the dividers was frozen shut. It took 4 of us working to get that divider off and out. The second divider also needed to come out as Galena was just too big to fit in the slants. Valiant was loaded first and he barely fit. Once that slant was shut we got Galena, Indy and Jenis in no problem. The trip down was without trouble. This old 2003 truck ran perfectly.  When I arrived there were plenty of volunteers to help unload everything and then it was time to get to work bathing. Karin's friend Sue came down to help so Sue, Karin and Shaeya each took a hose and a mare and went to work. They were getting 3 done at a time while I worked on taking braids out of Valiant and Galena. They finished the first 3, put coolers on them and got the second set of 3 done all before I finished with the braids. No pictures of those horses. When they started working on Galena and Valiant I worked on organizing the stall and only went to help a bit later with those two.You can't see them but Sue and Shaeya are behind Galena hosing her down in the picture below. This mare is just massive.
 Galena's white markings were washed over and over to make them white and her mane and tail are so thick that too took forever to get washed and conditioned. By the time Sue and Shaeya finished with her they were well pleased with the results.
Valiant was well behaved, better than expected,
 and we were well pleased with his results also. No mud and no tangles.
 Shaeya took Galena back to her stall.
 Check out the baby bump on her in the 2 pictures below.

 We were telling someone about our hay situation as the horses were getting hungry by the time we finished and the hay wasn't suppose to arrive until tonight. A man heard us, knew where we could .buy hay right here on the fairgrounds. We found the place, bought 10 bales for $10.00 a bale, and headed back to the stalls. The people bringing the hay actually beat us to the stalls. We canceled the hay coming down from Lewiston and will just use this hay. We can buy as needed. The horses were glad to see supper arrive. All are munching away contentedly. We left for the hotel and as soon as we were in the room got our suits on and hit the hot tub. We are staying in the Drury Inn again. They served us a nice supper tonight with chicken fingers, baked potatoes, broccoli and cheese soup and a wonderful salad.  We are tired but content and will head to bed soon. Tomorrow will come soon enough and is going to be a busy day.

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