Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Made My Day

Karin had another snow day today as there was too much ice on the roads out her way and all the schools were again cancelled. That meant she was available to help me put in bales and together we got 5 moved in. One for the far weanling paddock, one for Evan's paddock, one for the other weanling paddock, one for the fatty paddock (Ribbon's old paddock) and the last one was for Jenis. As we are leaving Friday morning for a week I wanted every paddock to have plenty of hay before we leave. Karin will be here taking care of the dogs and horses. When the bales were all in it was time to start the training. Valiant and Galena were brought in first. The first thing Karin does is allow Valiant to lay down but not until she asks him to.
Other wise he will roll and we don't want that until later but today he got in a good roll before she could stop him. 
 He was told to stay down until she was sitting on him securely. 
 Then allowed to stand. Notice no bridle or saddle. 
 At that point Karin slid off of him so he could shake off the sand from the arena floor. Then he is allowed to run and have fun.
 Of course Galena heads right over to the hay and starts chowing down. 

Karin asked her to move also and even got a canter out of this very pregnant mare. 
 Today after some good canter work he was asked to mount the pedestal. 
 Then lay down when Karin cues him to by tapping his leg with the whip. 
 She then gets off and asks for the sit. All of these tricks are going to be added to the stallion and liberty class at the Illinois Horse Fair March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 
 Galena was ridden next then these two taken back out and Indy, Oksana and Jenis brought in. 
 Oksana was first and also asked to get on the pedestal. We weren't sure she had ever been taught that but she got up with just a little urging and stood while Karin scratched her belly. Oksana enjoys that. 
 Karin then worked on Oksana's canter. She is asking her to carry herself more on her back end and collect the canter. She also worked on trot canter departs to make it a little easier for her rider to get the canter.  
 Indy was the next mare worked. Not sure if you can see Karin's face in the picture below but she was really laughing. Indy is a fun mare and is really learning to canter without bolting. 
 Jenis was the 5th and last horse worked today.

 While Karin was working with Jenis the other two mares had their faces buried in the hay. These two mares are both open, they don't look open as they are both well rounded. 
After Karin left I came inside to get some laundry done.  Anna made my day by sending me this: Mom, I think you are impacting your grandkids Braelyn wrote this about what life will be like when she is 100. Below is a picture of Braelyn's homework.
Braelyn was suppose to write what she thought she would be doing when she is 100 years old as at school they celebrated the 100th day of school. Just in case you need help reading her writing this is what it says:  I spend time with my husband.  I like to play with my grandkids. I like to bake with my grandkids.  When I am 100 years old I would make slime with my grandkids. I like to travel with my grandkids.  That is why I my grandkids to go in different places. (Anna wrote "that last sentence was suppose to be she likes her grandkisd to be in different places so she can pray for safe travels.")
Tonight was family night at church. Gary and Marie served dinner to everyone making a delicious cheeseburger soup. They served that with salad, home made applesauce, crackers and lots of baked goodies for dessert.  Greg Rumbold had the message today on the tongue.

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