Thursday, October 1, 2015


Indy's filly and Emma's colt were haltered and led into the barn to be stalled this morning early. Indy's filly was suppose to leave for California right after work. I was not able to walk today, since this is the first of the month the first of the month's bills needed to be paid. I drove in to Meisters at 7:30 to get those paid before leaving for TEMCO to pick up today's mail. On the way in the phone rang, it was the transport company reporting they were not going to be able to pick the filly up today but will be here tomorrow morning.
We had a very productive day at Bereans. We had a light mail day so I had time to bring a few letters home for posting on the Berean Blog. If you want to read them and see the rest of the pictures of the day click HERE.  As soon as I got home from work Indy's filly and Emma's colt were taken back outside and the stalls cleaned. I'll bring them in again tomorrow morning. When we take the filly away the colt is going to be upset and might try to jump out of the paddock. He leaves early Saturday morning so he will just have to stay inside for a day.
Mark went to work with the chain saw and the 4 wheeler cutting up some downed trees. We are busy preparing for winter around here. We will need to harvest a lot of wood to keep the house and apartment warm this winter.
Mike brought the yanmar over to start working on the breeding shed paddock. We have a problem with rain running into the shed so Mike was going to dig it out then dig a drainage ditch to try to help the problem. We really need gutters also to channel the rain out of the paddock.
Karin picked up some temporary fence posts, poster boards and markers for the Spoon River Drive which starts on Saturday. We need to get signs made, right about now I'm missing my mom. My very artistic mother who makes wonderful signs, but she is lazing away the days down in sunny warm Gulf Shores, Alabama and not here when we need her. Speaking of mom, I stole an egg out of her fridge yesterday morning. I bought eggs but they are white and the one I stole from mom was brown. One of the Berean ladies told me to steep the egg in tea to stain it, another recommended onion..devious ladies I work may just be easier to call the farmer and order a dozen or 2 of his farm fresh brown eggs to replace it.
Rhoda sent a text that Oksana is going to be another Jenis but without the HUGE gaits. In other words she is going to be beginner safe but fun for any level of rider. I'm thrilled with Rhoda's training.
Emily took the truck and trailer this afternoon to deliver Olivia to her new home. Ribbon and her filly were moved into that paddock as that had a good alfalfa bale and Ribbon needs the calories nursing that big filly of hers. Karin took some salt blocks out to Middle Grove this afternoon. Yesterday we noticed Marika's colt was not doing well, he had some dried diarrhea on his tail and just looked lethargic.  Today she reported he is doing much better. He loved the salt was asking for grain from her and had energy.

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