Monday, October 5, 2015

All Shook Up

This grandma almost caused a terrible injury to her youngest grand daughter. I still don't know how Kensley wasn't seriously injured. More on this story later. The day started great, we had a good walk, a good morning shopping hitting Big R for beat pulp and cat food then Aldi for groceries. Anna dropped Taegan and Kensley off at noon. They had already had lunch so we loaded up onto the golf cart for an exploring trip taking Emma the dog with us. We stopped at the playground to play a bit where Ebby joined us.

We took the golf cart all the way to Lancaster Rd flushing out a big buck at one point. Ebby took off following the buck but Emma stayed right with us. On the way home Emma stopped at the alligator swamp and took a quick swim coming out all stinky with slime. To fix that stinky dog we took a detour home going to Diane's pond so Emma could go swimming in the clean water.
 The next activity planned was to feed the horses. Taegan loves to help with that. She was given the bucket and scoop, Kensley was put on the ground next to me and I got the camera out to get of few cute shots.

 All was going as planned when Kensely walked over to the golf cart, climbed on board and sat on the accelerator. I saw the golf cart moving, ran and made a running jump to grab Kensely off but missed, slammed into the side of the cart and hit the ground. The cart started picking up significent speed heading down the farm driveway hill, veered off to the right and slammed into the fencepost and gate shearing off the fencepost at the ground before coming to a stop. Thank goodness Kensley wasn't thrown off, she was still sitting on the accelerator when I reached the cart crying but ok. I was able to back the golf cart off the post and out of the way but was not able to secure the fence. Valiant was locked in the paddock and then it was time to sit down and start shaking. The picture below is after I pulled the posts up off the ground trying to secure the fence.

The girls were taken inside for the rest of the afternoon. They had fun playing and promptly forgot about the accident.  The picture below was taken after the accident. There must have been a guardian angel on board that golf cart keeping her from flying out or getting hurt on the impact. 
Taegan was given a left over bag of cotton candy from yesterday. She loved it.
Both girls were put to bed just as Karin arrived and both went right to sleep. Phil came to pick them up while they were still sound asleep and against common logic woke them up to take them home. Karin was willing to help get the Appaloosa mare covered by Evan this afternoon before jousting practice. Today she stood much better but it was still a 2 person job since the mare can't be tied.
Below are a few pictures of the jousting practice. 

The rest of the pictures were placed on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. To see them click HERE.
Jesse Stickling is riding Ribbon and Sarah Reinhard is riding Jenis for the jousting performance this coming Friday. Joan made the lances of a soft material which break-a-way when they hit. 
After practice Hannah and Faith joined Karin, Mackenson, Sarah, and Berlica for a trail ride.
 Berlica got a little more than she bargained for, Sarah asked Jenis to rear.

The skid steer was delivered today all fixed and ready for winter. Mark arrived and helped move a new round bale in Killian's paddock. I've learned a valuable lesson today about turning off the golf cart and removing the key when I get off, now I just need to remember this lesson. So so thankful Kensley didn't get hurt.

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