Saturday, October 24, 2015

Busy Saturday

Our morning started reasonably warm, probably around 67 degrees outside. Mark and Tim got right to work on the new shelter Tim is putting up in the paddock next to Evan's.
 Below it was still warm enough for the kids to come over in shorts. They are standing in the shelter Tim built last Saturday. This one just needs a gate.
 They came in pretty excited to tell me Bethany was in labor. Mackenson was playing with Emma while the rest of them were happily talking about the new coming baby.
 We went back out to help Tim a bit.
 Not sure exactly how much 'help' he needed.
 Mike was working with Ripper's tricks.
 He throws his wallet on the ground and Ripper will pick it up and bring it to him. 

 Karin took Joan's kids on a trail ride with Eliza and Ribbon. I had to take the picture below of Eliza leading Mackenson into the barn. 
 Mark finished spreading all the manure then was power washing all the machines while the weather was still decent. 
 Below is Faith warming up Ribbon for the trail ride.
 Berlica wanted to practice a few vaulting moves so Jessica offered to help.

 With Jenis now at Middle Grove, Karin needed Eliza to go double. Well Eliza wasn't sure she liked Mackenson back there and tried to buck him off. Karin stopped her from bucking then decided Mackenson needed to switch horses and took Faith instead. 
 Below Hannah is 'driving' Ribbon while Berlica and Mackenson ride with her while Karin and Faith ride Eliza. 
It was just shortly before the ride that we heard Bethany had already had Joshua Alan. Joan didn't make it to Bluffton in time for the birth but was able to help with the coaching on speaker phone while driving.  Mom and I had to leave for Willie and Kirsten's reception. They were married in Kansas but of course we Peorians felt strongly we wanted to celebrate their wedding here too.
 Rhoda and Lee were there before us. The reception was very well attended. Karen did a fantastic job on the food. We really enjoyed the afternoon there.
 We were surprised when we got home though the weather had changed. It was no longer warm but overcast with a stiff cold wind making it miserable to be working outside. Tim was on his own working on the shelter in his winter coat.
Rhonda was hosting the Esther House ladies this afternoon and evening and had asked Karin to give them horse rides. Thankfully Ribbon was still here for that. Below are a few pictures of the afternoon. It was so cold the riding was all done inside which makes it hard to get decent pictures.

 After the horse back riding Tim took them on a hay rack ride.
 They ended up at the playground for volley ball, games and a meal.
 Spark gave rides on his whateveryoucallit machine.
 The fire was exactly what was needed this chilly afternoon.

The rest of the pictures from the Esther House visit were placed on the Horsemeister, Inc Facebook page. If you would like to see them click HERE
A nice message came from Diane M, the lady that brought her mare Monet up to breed to Evan a few years ago. She writes: Hi Judy, hope all is well, Catalina is already 17 months old (Evan and Monet) I am not sure where she gets all the hair. Yesterday we played with tarps and winter plan take her to horse shows to get used being around all noise. She is a very smart girl and such a thinker. Attached pics her hair. Her mane falls on both sides it's so thick;) pic of both sides;)

Thanks Diane! We love that Evan throws the mega hair on his foals. He also throws that amazing movement. He truly is magnificent!

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